The Fruits of Carthage is the leader of pomegranates cultivation in Tunisia. It produces annually about 200 tons over an area of 100 hectares. Our farms are located in:

GABES (formerly Takapes founded by the Berbers in the fifth century BC) provides 75% of production, picking starts in August until September.

ZAGHOUAN (formerly Ziqa reborn under the Roman Emperor Hadrian in the 2nd century):  provides 25% of production, picking starts in September until October. 

The Seeds and juice of pomegranates have high levels of antioxidants. Among forty varieties of fruits including (strawberries, raspberries and currants), pomegranates occupy the top of the list for its content of antioxidants principally of the flavonoid family. 

The seeds and juice of pomegranates have beneficial effects on cardiovascular health and neurological disorders.

* * * Tunisian Artichokes : currently available * * * Fruits de Carthage obtained successfully BRC & IFS Food Safety Certification * * * * * * * * *