Citrus fruits


While benefiting from perfect meteorological conditions (subtropical climate) and having inherited from their Andalusian ancestors the passion for these fruits Tunisian citrus-trees growers have made of this tree a symbol of Tunisia as indeed they did for olives and jasmine.

The Fruits of Carthage is also the leader in the cultivation of these fruits in Tunisia. The company’s citrus orchards extend over an area of 150 hectares and the 2011 production is estimated at 500 tons.
Our citrus fruits come mainly from three regions where the soils are famous worldwide.

: 60% of the production, picking starts in November and extends over the months of December, January and February.

ZAGHOUAN: 10% of the production, picking begins in November and extends over December, January and February. 

* * * Tunisian Artichokes : currently available * * * Fruits de Carthage obtained successfully BRC & IFS Food Safety Certification * * * * * * * * *