Apricot (Production schedule)

Apricot (Prunus Armeniaca) belongs to the Rosaceae family and originates from Armenia. China knew apricot 4000 years ago in its wild form. Having traversed India, the fruit took the Silk Road to reach the Greeks and Romans. Persians called it the “Egg of the Sun”. 


The Fruits of Carthage is the leader of fresh apricot production in Tunisia. This is due to our company’s high-quality varieties adapted to our climate. The orchards of the Fruits of Carthage occupy an area of 50 hectares. The 2011 production is estimated to reach 800 tons coming mainly from three regions:

GABES: provides 10% of the production (Zerkine) picking starts between the end of April and early May.

ZAGHOUAN: 80% of the production (Saouef) picking in May-June.

* * * Tunisian Artichokes : currently available * * * Fruits de Carthage obtained successfully BRC & IFS Food Safety Certification * * * * * * * * *