(Production schedule Nectarine)
(Production schedule Flat Nectarine)

Nectarine is a variety of peaches issuing from a natural mutation of peach trees. The main difference is the absence of down on the nectarine which has a smooth and shiny skin. Nectarines are smaller than peaches.

They give off a sweet aroma and a famous taste. The orchards of the Fruits of Carthage dedicated to nectarines occupy an area of 50 hectares. Our nectarines, strong with their qualitative varieties well suited to our climate, offer white and yellow fleshes. FC 814 is a variety that gained unanimity. Our nectarines are fragrant, juicy, sweet, refreshing, soft, with a bright red surface and most importantly easy to eat.

The 2011 production is estimated at 250 tons coming from three regions:

GABES: 10% of the production(Zerkine), picking in End of April-May

ZAGHOUAN: 60% of the production, picking in May –June

MATEUR: 30% of the production(Sidi Othman)  , picking in July- August and September 

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